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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gas Water Heaters

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gas Water Heaters


The gas water heater uses gas as the main energy material, and the high-temperature heat generated by the gas combustion is transferred to the cold water flowing through the heat exchanger to achieve the purpose of preparing the hot water. The gas-type water heater is the mainstream water heater that once occupied the water heater market. Its advantage is that it can be used immediately, without waiting, and the floor space is small. It can save a lot of space for the comrades who live in the sky. In terms of safety, the gas water heater achieves the separation of heat and heat, bathes in the bathroom, and is installed in the kitchen to avoid the risk of electric leakage during the bathing process. 

The disadvantages of gas water heaters are also obvious. First of all, it should not be installed in the bathroom or far away from the kitchen, because in principle the gas water heater is not installed in the bathroom. If it is far from the kitchen, the hot water pipe is too long, and the middle will consume a lot of water. In addition, the inconvenience is that the user can not adjust the temperature himself during the bathing process, but must adjust the temperature before entering the bathroom, and the temperature will be hot and cold, but the constant temperature gas water heater has solved this problem. Occasionally, gas water heaters may not catch fire.