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Basic Structure Of Gas Water Heater

Basic Structure Of Gas Water Heater


When using the water heater, first open the gas valve and the inlet valve. When the outlet valve is opened, the igniter and microswitch control the ignition of the small fire and then ignite the main fire. The electronic pulse igniter is convenient for saving time, and only needs to be pressed by a finger, and the safety is high, and there is no safety accident caused by accidental flameout. Once the flameout state occurs, the control system can be turned off in time. Solenoid valve, shut off the gas. Some water heaters do not have a small fire, which can directly ignite the main fire. The gas is burned in the combustion chamber, the heat is heated by the heat exchanger, and the hot water continuously flows out from the outlet. Turn off the water outlet valve and the water heater stops working. Gas water heaters generally include: outer casing, air supply and exhaust device, burner, heat exchanger (commonly known as water tank), air control device, water control device, water gas linkage device and electronic control system. 

The specific structural components are mainly such as outer casing, face shell, switch knob, smoke pipe (strong exhaust pipe), fan motor (optional), wind pressure switch, heat exchanger, thermostat, burner, water-gas linkage valve, electromagnetic Valve, exhaust hood, igniter, ion flame induction needle, pulse generator, bottom plate fixing plate, electric controller, bottom case, etc. The control system for a domestic gas water heater is an electronic control system, typically with a flame detection device and a control device. The control system has electronic ignition, flameout protection, safety interruption, water temperature constant temperature, overheat protection, incomplete combustion protection function, re-ignition, human-machine telephone display, alarm function and remote control function. Gas water heater has timing controller and digital controller. And fuzzy controller three. The sensor elements of the gas water heater include a water flow sensor, an ion flame sensor, a temperature sensor, a thermocouple, a micro switch, a reed switch, a Hall sensor, and the like. Its function is to convert the information about the working condition of the reaction water heater into an electric signal, so as to realize the control of the working state of the water heater.