Flue Type Gas Water Heater

This kind of Portable Gas Water Heater is a kind of gas appliance which uses gas as fuel and transfers heat to cold water flowing through a heat exchanger by combustion heating to achieve the purpose of preparing hot water. It is mainly composed of a valve body assembly, a main burner, a low-fire burner, a heat exchanger, and a safety device. In addition, it uses a premiun electronic pulse igniter, which is convenient and time-saving. It only needs to be pressed with a finger. It also has high safety and will not cause a safety accident due to accidental flameout, once the flameout condition occurs, the control system can close the solenoid valve in time so as to shut off gas. 

Besides, the Portable Gas Water Heater uses gas as the main energy material, it is ready to use immediately without waiting, and has a small footprint. It has the advantages of small volume, space saving, high efficiency, long life span, compact structure, sophisticated design as well as energy saving. It is widely applied in family, dormitory, rental estate and other places. 

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