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Gas Water Heater Alarm Reason

Gas Water Heater Alarm Reason

  1. When the hot-discharge type gas water heater is out of hot water, it feels that the water is warm. After the water is heated by the tap and the cold water is added, the alarm sound of the water heater drip is heard. Then, if there is no hot water, the water is directly discharged, and the tap is closed. The alarm sound disappeared, and then the water was returned to normal when the hot water was turned on. The alarm sounded after the water was warm and then the tap was added with cold water. This is an over-temperature alarm. When the water mixing process causes the hot water to become smaller, the temperature of the water tank rises, and the water that rises itself is heated beyond the temperature limit of the water heater. The temperature controller is 65-75 degrees. Etc., indicating that the temperature of the water tank exceeds this temperature, so please adjust it directly to the water heater when using it, and mix it with a small amount.

2. When the bath is taken, the water heater is always  alarm. After the alarm, the fire is automatically extinguished, and then the faucet is turned back on again, but after a while, it will still alarm. This is because all the standards-compliant forced-discharge gas water heaters are equipped with a gas leak alarm cut-off device and a 20-minute automatic flameout protection device. If the bath is turned off after less than 20 minutes after the first turn-on, it may be that the probe has detected that the concentration of carbon monoxide is excessive, so the fire source is cut off. It is also possible that the ignition of the electronic firearm has failed. It is normal to replace a plastic gear.

3. The panel displays F2 or F02, indicating that the smoke is not smooth, whether there is windy weather, hindering the smoke exhaustion, and after the weather is normal, restart the use.

4, the gas water heater ignition will alarm, without boiling water, the automatic ignition will heat up.